The Best Coachella Outfit for Women with Hats

A wide variety of felt hats were seen at Coachella 2022.

The return to Coachella in 2022 went above and beyond in terms of fashion. A “Let’s Get Back” theme fits with the new enthusiasm displayed by chic celebrities, influencers, and music lovers. The iconic Coachella outfits for women have transformed a bit over the years.

This year’s festival showcased outfits that were comfortable to wear and fashionable. The perfect Coachella attire for females showcased relaxed outfits and easy moving clothing. The addition of accessories and cool festival hats for women allowed the festival goers to elevate their looks and style through both simple choices and over-the-top glitz. 

The perfect Coachella outfit for women in 2022

This cream felt hat with an open crown is the ideal gambler hat for Coachella.
Raquel Leviss’s streamlined jean look is comfortable, yet stylish. The monotone look tops off with a cream-colored gambler with a wide, flat brim. (Phillip Faraone/Getty Images)

This monotone festival outfit shows that the best summer fashion can be comfortable. The addition of a gambler with an open crown and a wide brim pulls the outfit together. She matches the light boyfriend pants and cream tank top with an oversized and ragged sleeve button-down shirt. Choosing not to wear a belt, the outfit stays casual. By matching the cross-body bag, this goes from comfort to Coachella style.

The soft coral felt gambler hat features a beautiful woven hatband.
Hannah Stocking, Ian Martin, and guests showcase the wide range of fashion choices at Coachella 2022 while they shop. Although your eye focuses on the red bucket, the soft coral gambler felt is an exquisite touch for a western outfit. (Phillip Farane/Getty Images)

The western-themed jacket style on the right is an iconic western piece, no matter what year it is. In 2022, adding a soft coral pink felt creates a Coachella-themed outfit. The western attitude of this gambler hat is softened by the woven floral hatband in cream and coral. Chances are she has chosen to wear a dress and stylish dress boots with this festival look. Although it is warm during the days, planning to wear a jacket is a good idea once the sun sets.

Sparkling Fashions for Coachella 2022

This cowboy hat takes center stage with the addition of gold and sparkle.
Heather Kelly shows how to elevate a festival outfit with a little bit of sparkle and fringe. Her western felt features glitter to take her LBD look from simple to wow. (Vivien Kililea/Getty Images)

A little black dress is appropriate to wear for any situation, especially when considering hot Coachella outfits for women. And when you pair it with suede cowboy boots and sparkly fringe, you take it up a notch. Heather’s sparkle is the focal point of her themed dress outfit. We love how traditionally shaped felt has been draped and studded with rhinestones and beads to catch the sun.

Add a sparkly tiara to a pink felt cowboy hat and you become a princess.
A pink cowboy felt tops this princess dress look with a bit of western flair at the 2022 event. (Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

This Coachella festival goer takes it up a Bohemian notch and shows that rhinestones can be a part of every accessory. If you are looking for a Coachella costume idea, this is it! Her cool, white maxi dress is the perfect backdrop for long vintage rhinestone earrings and layers of rhinestone necklaces. Her pink cowboy felt features a pinch crown, a wide brim with a square front, and a darling rhinestone tiara. Finished with rhinestones above the eyes and a silver bag, she is the princess of the day. 

Favorite Outfits from the Past

This black Fedora features a unique leather brim and wide hatband for an edgy look.
2018 Coachella featured black felts, like this classic Fedora with a unique leather brim. 

In years past, Coachella fashion may have been a bit edgier in terms of style. This white crop top and leather pants have a music festival rock vibe due to the accessories. A choker, gold chains, and gold-rimmed aviator sunglasses go nicely with the women’s Fedora hat for a rock-and-roll party look with a touch of class. The unique crown crease and wide leather brim tie perfectly with this free spirit Coachella outfit. 

This is the ideal gambler hat featuring a leather hat band with silver details.
This black felt gambler hat adds a masculine contrast to Rachel’s Boho Coachella 2015 dress look. (Rachel Murray/Getty Images)

Lace and a bit of crochet can create a feminine and vintage festival look. However, this red lace dress creates an edgy Coachella look when paired with a black gambler felt from Bailey. Western gamblers are a top choice at the Coachella festival as they allow you to style your hair in a variety of ways. This one features a pencil roll brim, a round crown, and a black band with silver details. The vintage jewelry piece completes the western Coachella outfit. We suggest pairing this outfit with stylish dress boots, even a cute ankle boot would look great with this dress.

Timeless Coachella

This classic black felt hat keeps the accessories simple and lets the outfit shine.
This 2019 Coachella fashionista keeps her choices simple to show off her festival crop top and pant outfit. (Presley Ann/Getty Images)

Bold prints were all the rage in 2019 at the Coachella festival. You can find it on many outfits, from bodysuits to jumpsuits. It even goes well with denim shorts. Let’s just admit that it never really goes out of style. We love this summer festival outfit. The flowy and sheer material of this bikini crop top and pant coverup keeps the heavy animal print light and airy. By choosing simple shoes and a black felt, the attention is on the crop top outfit. However, it has a completely thought-out look. The spin on a cowboy felt features a brick-shape crease on the crown, but the brim is flat. This is a more typically Stagecoach cowboy hat.

The Hat Stops Here

Coachella 2022 gives us a glimpse of how fashion has changed since the last Coachella music festival in 2019. While festival fashion is still over the top, it is also a bit more comfortable. Coachella outfits for women are definitely less constricting and more relaxed this year. Try wearing a hat with comfortable clothes to pull it together and give a more finished festival look. You may feel that your fashionable appearance may need just one more thing. Just take the cue from our top pics and grab a hat. From a Fedora to a gambler, women’s hats can elevate you to the perfect Coachella outfit for women. 

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