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The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was founded by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen in 1999. The annual festival offers us a kick-off to spring with fashionable looks and plenty of Coachella hats from celebrities and influencers. 

While the rest of the country may just be coming out of the colder months, the Colorado Desert is already warm. You’ll see bikinis, sundresses, and everything in between. Coachella fashion outshines the music, but it doesn’t outshine the sun. You’ll find that many celebrities choose to protect their faces with a wide array of cool festival hats for women

Straws specifically protect from the hot sun while offering a high level of airflow. This ventilation is essential in hot weather. You may be surprised to find out how many different styles of straws you can see throughout the event. We’ll look at some of our favorite Coachella outfit ideas for men from this year and compare them to ones from the past.

This story is about festival hats for women. We already covered men’s Coachella hats in a different post.

Coachella hats 2022

SSSniperWolf shows off a black straw cowboy hat during the first week of Coachella 2022.
SSSniperWolf rocked a black straw cowboy hat in the YouTube Artist Lounge in the first week of the festival. (Anna Webber/Getty Images)

When headed out West, why not grab a cowboy hat? SSSniperWolf did just that this year. Her cowboy-shaped black Coachella hat featured a traditional cowboy shaping, but it also had a loose weave that isn’t seen on many traditional hats. The stampede string features a large round slide to adjust the fit.

This white straw cowboy hat pairs perfectly with fringed pants.
This fashionista showcases how a white straw can be shaped cowboy-style to perfectly color coordinate with a boho outfit. (Ann Sussman/Getty Images)

One of the most popular Coachella hat looks for 2022 was the cowboy hat. A loosely woven straw can be shaped in this style by pinching the top crown and rolling up the sides. Many of these types of straw cowboy hats feature a wire in the brim. This allows you to shape and reshape the brim in a variety of ways. 

The ribbon on this hat creates a frame that draws attention to the face.
Catalina Nguyen in a ladies summer straw hat with brim trim. (Catlina Nguyen/Instagram)

The perfect Coachella hat for a swimsuit and cutoff shorts is a straw with a twist. The addition of the black ribbon to the underside of the round, flat brim adds interest. It also draws attention and frames the face. It’s a new take on classic summer hats for women.

Rhinestones and beads take a traditional straw hat to Coachella level.
This Bangora straw fringe cowboy hat has an upgraded level of style. The traditional look pairs well with the added embellishments. (Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

This 2022 festival goer took a traditional straw cowboy hat and transformed it into a work of art. This ain’t no Stagecoach cowboy hat. The stiff shaping of a Bangora straw cowboy hat with a traditional wide brim allows for the addition of beading. The effect is beautiful and musical. With the movement of her head, the beads rattle off the stiff straw brim. It’s the ultimate Coachella hat.

Timeless Coachella hats

A simple Panama straw hat provides shade and protection.
A wide-brim Panama straw adds a summery touch. It’s a soft look compared to the hard-core look of the leather newsboy. (Presley Ann/Getty Images)

In 2018, Panamas were the popular choice of straw hats for women. This hat features a deep diamond crease to the crown and a wide brim with a turned edge. The nicely finished brim keeps the brim sharp. 

A romantic dress deserves a floppy straw hat with a bit of embroidery.
Hanna Montazami attends the Sunshine Squad Brunch in 2016 wearing a white relaxed sun hat. (Rachel Murray/Getty Images)

Panama hats come in many different styles, as seen at Coachella in 2016. This version is often simply called a sun hat. The floppy brim indicates that although it is a straw, it is soft and comfortable. It is the perfect Coachella sun hat for a flowing sundress. Keeping everything monotone creates a clean image that puts the focus on Hanna, not the outfit. 

Scarlett Johansson's straw Fedora creates a tailored summer look.
Scarlett Johansson performed in 2007 wearing a traditional straw Fedora with a short brim. (Keven Mazur/WireImage)

A more tailored look fit Scarlett perfectly in 2007. This natural straw Fedora features a turned-down short brim and a pinch front crown. The traditional wide black ribbon hatband features a flat bow on the side. The formal style showcases that she is here for business. 

The braided hat band on this straw cowboy hat gives it a custom look.
This straw features the throwback shaping that is a little bit vintage and a whole lot of attitude. The braided leather hatband keeps it looking fresh and new. (Kevin Mazur/ WireImage)

By contrast, Rosanna’s boho cowboy hat showcases that she is at at the festival for the party. This rock-and-roll style Coachella hat features a deep pinch to the crown. It also has a deeply turned down brim front, and a taco-style brim on the sides. It pairs well with any outfit, but goes especially well with a tank top and boots. 

The Hat Stops Here

The perfect Coachella outfit for women features everything you need to make it through a long day and well into the night. A Coachella hat is a must for protection from the sun and a fashionable touch. Coachella in 2022 created a return to the fashion scene for many celebrities, influencers, and festival lovers. With hot music and hot weather, one of the most popular fashion accessories to pair with Coachella outfits was the straw. The endless options, and our look back throughout the years, showcase that straw hats are endless and timeless. 

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