The Top Kenny Chesney Cowboy Hat Shapes

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It is rare to see country music superstar Kenny Chesney without his cowboy hat. With more than 20 albums and more than 40 top ten singles, Chesney has performed in many hats throughout the years. And although the Kenny Chesney cowboy hat may change, his style has remained consistent throughout the years. 

Kenny Chesney\'s black felt cowboy hat fits his laid back and relaxed style.
Chesney in a nicely shaped black felt chapeau with a matching hatband that is similar to the best selling George Strait cowboy hat. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Chesney’s signature western look is a high-quality black felt hat with a simple black hatband. The preferred Kenny Chesney cowboy hat brand ranges across many hat manufacturers. With a short crown and narrow arena crease, the hat shape flatters Chesney’s face shape. The brim is slightly less than 4 inches and features a slight come-and-go shape, similar to the brims Garth Brooks wears. 

Kenny Chesney proves that you can pair a well-shaped cowboy hat with any outfit.
Performing in a pristine black hat, Chesney proves that a cowboy hat works with any outfit. (Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

The profile view of Chesney’s 50X black felt hat during a performance reveals the appropriateness of a shorter brim with gentle shaping. Although most cowboy hats feature a 4-inch brim, Chesney’s 3 ¾-inch choice fits his compact stature. Instead of seeing his hat, you see him. 

The choice of a Bangora straw cowboy hat keeps Chesney cool during a 2012 performance.
Chesney opts for a uniquely shaped Bangora straw cowboy hat with a black hatband while performing in 2012. (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Although Chesney tends to wear a felt, he does opt for a Bangora straw hat when the performance happens in hot weather. A straw hat provides more ventilation and is a more comfortable hat option. The hat here has had extra shaping after production to give it a deep Show crease. This extra shaping allows for the crown height to be reduced. The Kenny Chesney straw cowboy hat brim features a retro shape. 

The Hat Stops Here

The Kenny Chesney cowboy hat style and shape have stayed consistent throughout his multi-decade career. His laid-back hat shape reflects his easy-going music. You can create the Kenny Chesney style cool cowboy hat easily with an affordable black felt or straw cowboy hat

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