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jon pard cowboy hats

The Jon Pardi cowboy hat style features a variation of the traditional Cattleman crease. He prefers a wide 4-inch brim with a George shape. The brim front is square and tilted slightly down. 

The Capital Nashville recording artist Jon Pardi represents a non-traditional country sound, even though he comes from California. Topping off his look are a few key hats that he wears frequently for concerts, public appearances, and everyday life. 

Jon Pardi in a traditionally shaped chocolate brown hat
Pardi performs in a chocolate brown felt with matching hatband in 2019. (Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

This country singer often wears three main colors: brown, black, and natural. This chocolate-brown felt features a wide Cattleman crease and a George shape to 4-inch brim. You’ll notice that the matching brown hatband has a silver buckle on one side to dress it up just a bit. The look is clean and well maintained. You can find this look in a wide variety of X-levels, but a 10X or higher will create the deepest Chocolate look. 

A black felt hat complements Pardi's flashy embroidered western jacket.
Jon dresses things up with a sharp black felt with a wide, square brim shape. (Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

This cowboy isn’t afraid to wear his favorites over and over. After all, if you purchase a high X-level hat of 10X or over, you should be able to wear it for years. This traditional black felt features a Cattleman crease and a George shape to the brim. It pairs perfectly with his flashy jacket. Both he and his date look ready to dance the night away.

All black looks require a black felt hat. Pardi delivers with a perfectly styled hat.
Pardi pairs his favorite black felt with an all black look for the 12th Annual ACM Honors in 2018. (Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

You can see here how he prefers a very wide square shape to his front brim. Professional shapers will tell you that the best shaping for your brim will match your chin and jawline. A wider face looks best with at least a 4-inch brim and a wide front. 

The deep black of Pardi's felt hat coordinates perfectly with his black western jacket.
This spotless black felt head piece adds to this look in 2017. The traditional shaping gives his look a high-end appearance. (David Becker/WireImage)

A different angle shows that instead of a low back, the felt curves up in the back on his black felt. This is a look often seen on ranchers and rodeo cowboys. When the back of the brim is slightly turned up, the brim stays out of the way of the working cowboy. Many traditional shapes feature this as a fashionable choice as well. 

Pardi stays cool in this straw cowboy hat, perfect for hot summer nights.
A straw topper is always a good choice for a hot summer evening. Pardi wears a well-worn straw for his night out in Wisconsin in 2015. (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Hot summer nights call for a cooler choice. Pardi chooses a traditional rodeo straw that is most likely a 5X straw with custom shaping to produce the square brim front. Unlike his black felt, the back of the brim turns down to protect the back of his neck from the elements. The black ribbon hatband is a traditional choice for a straw.  

The diamond pattern on Pardi's straw hat adds an extra touch.
Pardi kept his look a little less formal for the 2018 CMT Music Awards. June in Nashville calls for a well-ventilated straw chapeau. (Michael Loccisano/WireImage)

Pardi is frequently seen in this American Hat Company diamond-pattern vented straw. It features a rancher crown. The uneven creasing on the brim reveals that Pardi has reshaped the brim to fold in a bit more than the original shaping. When a high-quality straw features double lacquer for durability, it can be difficult to reshape without causing creasing. 

The Hat Stops Here

Country music singer and songwriter Jon Pardi knows what he likes in song and a hat. Although you will see him in several different Jon Pardi cowboy hat brands, the shape he prefers is consistent. Pardi knows what shape looks best for his features and sticks to it. He chooses a Cattleman or Rancher crease to the crown and a wide square-front brim every time.

You can recreate Pardi’s look with a wide range of X-level felt hats. Keep in mind that the higher the X-level, the better the hat quality when it comes to a felt. However, if you plan on shaping your straw beyond the shape it comes with, we do recommend a lower X-level for easier shaping. The hat won’t last as long, but it will look better for the time you have it. 

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