How to Get the John Dutton Hat from Yellowstone

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Yellowstone is a hit family drama on the Paramount Network that made its way into our hearts as soon as it aired in 2018. This tv series has everything you want in a good family drama; there are accidents, illnesses, and hard times, but they’re all overcome by the power of strong and loving familial bonds. 

The main character of Yellowstone is John Dutton, a Montana rancher who’s almost never without his classic cowboy hat. He’s a hardworking, tough-loving, classic embodiment of everything that makes a man a cowboy, and his hat really seals the deal!

Fans of this character may be inspired to find a similar hat so they can feel like a modern-day cowboy. You don’t have to visit the Dutton ranch in Montana to dress like John! Let’s get into it.

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Who is John Dutton From Yellowstone?

Yellowstone premiered on Paramount Network on June 20, 2018. John Dutton is the main character, and Yellowstone follows his life and adventures while working on his family’s ranch in Montana. It’s been a hit family/western drama for four seasons, and Paramount recently announced the Dutton family will be back on screens for a fifth season.

John Dutton is a classic cowboy. He works hard, loves hard, and always wears a cowboy hat! Fans love this character for his no-nonsense attitude and devotion to his family. 

Throughout the series, we see John Dutton go through feuds with a neighboring reservation, a scare with cancer, and his attempts to deal with the passing of his wife and one of his sons. 

We love John Dutton for all his exceptional qualities and for how great he looks in his cowboy hat! If you’re a die-hard fan of this classic western/family drama and character just like us, then you probably want to get a hat just like John Dutton’s. 

What Type of Hat Does John Dutton Wear?

The hat John Dutton wears on Yellowstone is a classic cowboy hat. Kevin Costner, who stars as John Dutton throughout the series, was given a specially made hat from Greeley Hat Works for this role. 

The hatmakers wanted to create a hat that was something a true rancher and cowboy would wear. Even though Yellowstone is set in the modern day, series creators wanted John Dutton’s hat to resemble a traditional rancher hat to represent the fictional character’s family history.

John Dutton’s hat features the classic Reiner crease and a braided headband. It looks like it’s made of leather or buckskin, and you can see him wearing a few different colors throughout the series.

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Where Can I Buy A Hat Like John Dutton’s?

Our goal is to help you find an excellent replica of John Dutton’s hat from Yellowstone. It might be more challenging than simply running out to the nearest hat store and searching for a cowboy hat. If you want an authentic cowboy hat that looks just like John Dutton’s, stick around because we did some hardcore internet digging to find this for you!

Woman wearing a cowboy hat

Greeley Hat Works Replica

Since Greeley Hat Works made the hat for the tv series, finding a replica through them is a no-brainer! They have a perfect John Dutton hat replica on their website, and it’s available for less than $600! That might sound like an extravagant purchase, but they handmake each hat to order, and these hats are made with genuine buckskin. 

This hat features a 4 ¼-inch brim, 5 ¾-inch crown height, and a fine fur natural body. It has the classic braided headband and the classic Reiner crown and brim shape. 

There are a few other places that sell replicas of John Dutton’s hat, but none of them can compare to one from Greeley Hat Works! If you genuinely want a hat just like John Dutton’s, then you should go through the company that made the original.

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What Hat Type Is Most Similar to John Dutton’s?

John Dutton wears a classic cowboy hat throughout the hit series. You really can’t compare other hat types to the timeless rancher/cowboy hat John Dutton wears, but there are some similar styles out there. 

The style of hat that most closely resembles John Dutton’s is outback hats. This type of hat features the same upward curved brim, but the front of its crown is slightly different. Instead of the classic Reiner crease, outback hats have a crown that resembles a safari hat. It’s a very similar style to John Dutton’s, with only a few minor differences.

Man wearing a cowboy hat

Did Cowboys Really Wear Hats Like John Dutton?

True cowboys didn’t wear cowboy hats in the early 1800s, simply because they hadn’t been invented yet! The cowboy hat style John Dutton wears on Yellowstone wasn’t invented until 1865. 

John B. Stetson invented the cowboy hat during the midst of the American Civil War. Stetson was already a famous hat manufacturer with roots in Philidelphia. He designed and produced the very first cowboy hat using fur from beavers, rabbits, and other small animals with very fine fur. 

This new style of hat was deemed perfect for the needs of ranchers and cowboys. The large brim offered them ample protection from the sun, and the large crown helped to prevent cowboys and ranchers from becoming too hot while wearing them. 

John Stetson’s invention was deemed “The Boss of the Plains” and quickly became a popular product. In fact, the hat became so popular that Lucius Beebe, a famous journalist, and columnist, declared it the hat that won the west!

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Get a Cowboy Hat Like John Dutton

Now that you know all about John Dutton and his classic cowboy hat, it’s time for you to go out and grab one for yourself! Greeley Hat Works is definitely your best option since they made the original hat and handmake all replicas specifically to order. You can send in your measurements, and within 5-7 months, you’ll have a hat that John Dutton himself would be proud to wear!

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