Garth Brooks Popular and Fun Cowboy Hat

Kody Lostroh and Garth Brooks Cowboy Hats

Ask anyone to list the top musicians known for always wearing a hat, and Garth Brooks will surely be high on that list. The record-breaking country singer from Oklahoma has built a career around his down-home cowboy image. His style has always reflected his cowboy roots.

Brooks keeps it authentic

Many country singers show off high-quality 200X beaver hats. However, Garth Brooks always looks like it was purchased at the local farm store. With relaxed shaping, his chapeaus look like he shaped them himself with a steam kettle on a wood-burning stove. It fits perfectly with the on-the-road country life he portrays in many of his songs. 

Brooks performs wearing his favorite black felt Stetson with a black leather hatband.
Brooks performs wearing his favorite black felt Stetson with a black leather hatband. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Brooks wears a black felt for both concerts, events and album covers. They always feature a short crown with a narrow, arena crease. The way he wears the 4-inch brim varies from a low brim to a come-and-go brim. This one features a brim shape in between the two, known as a retro brim. The overall look for a Garth Brooks cowboy hat is a “been there, done that” attitude. 

Garth Brooks attends an event in a Resistol Bangora straw hat.
Proving that a straw is not just for summer, Garth Brooks in a Resistol Bangora straw hat. (Peter Kramer/Getty Images) 

Just like his felt toppers, Brooks’s straw hats also feature a rating system based on the “X-factor.” The higher the X-factor, the better the quality. This results in rugged headgear that can stand up to the elements. Brooks does not go with the highest X, preferring to stay in the 7X to 10X range. This hat is inexpensive at under $100 and durable enough to be replaced if damaged. It is to be worn for both work and play. 

Brooks wears a traditional Cattleman crease on the crown of his Bangora straw lid by Resistol. However, his brim is a very unique shape for a straw. The 4-inch brim here features a round front with a pencil roll around the edge. A traditional black ribbon hatband completes the look. 

Brooks in a hand-shaped straw hat at a concert.
Brooks beats the heat with a hand-shaped straw at an outdoor concert. (Jackson Laizure/Getty Images)

Here Brooks takes the relaxed look a step further by wearing a Resistol Bangora straw hat. It features a rough hand-turned pencil roll brim that squares at the front. The black ribbon hatband is left long on the side. Choosing a straw hat with a design in the crown for summer wear allows for ventilation while protecting from the sun. 

The Hat Stops Here

From his dressiest 10X black felt to his farm store Bangora straw, the Garth Brooks cowboy hat shape choices reflect his hard-working Oklahoma roots. He proves that you can say a lot with your shape and style choices. With a relaxed and DIY style, Brooks embraces the idea that a good-looking hat doesn’t have to come with an expensive price tag.

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