6 Cute Curly Hairstyles that Look Amazing with Hats

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Pairing women’s hats with cute curly hairstyles – like the wash-and-go, high puffs, and low ponytails – is easy. You just need to know which hair-and-hat combos work best together.

All it takes is a little prep time, your usual hairstyling tools, and these tried-and-true styling tips.

As a general rule, for naturally curly-haired girls, you’re better off with silk- or satin-lined hats. They preserve moisture. Which one to choose? Silk is from silkworms, is naturally hypoallergenic, and kinder to your curls and skin.

Silk is pricier than satin, which is synthetic, but it’s less absorbent, so it doesn’t moisturize as well. Satin hat linings glide over your hair and are more of a frizz threat.

When choosing a hairstyle and the right type of ladies hats to pair them with, start small and begin with easy, simple styles. Next, pick a good quality hat that fits your crown, your frame, your curls and your personal style. Then you’re free to go wild, go crazy—hats the spirit! 


Mona M Ali in a wool beret over her wash-and-go curls
Diversity and inclusion editor of Vogue Scandinavia, Mona M Ali, in a wool beret over her wash-and-go curls en route to Stockholm Fashion Week. It’s the perfect topper that’s fit for a true street style queen like her. (Photo by Michael Campanella/Getty Images)

About this cute curly hairstyle

Here’s a style that’ll highlight your hair’s natural charm—its body, texture, shape, and the way it moves. To start, make time for a pre-poo (or pre-shampoo). Mask your hair in natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil or hair product.

Preserve your hair’s natural shape and lock in moisture. Add definition to your curls, and make it wavy and shiny! To do this, section your hair into four, and apply the oils from tips to roots. Put on a hair cap and let the oils coat your hair for a good thirty minutes.

After the pre-poo, you can move on to shampooing your hair to remove the oils, deep conditioning, and detangling your hair. Once that’s done, style it the way you want it—lock it on one side, or let it loose!

The right hats to pair with wash-and-go hair

A beret, a newsboy cap, or a women’s flat cap are cute choices. They add to the effortless, je nais sais quoi vibe you’re going for. This cute curly hairstyle looks great with long hair and ombre color. It’s the perfect option for day time.


Fariyal Abdul wears her hair up and lets her curls lose with a golden headpiece
Met gala chef Fariyal Abdul wears her hair up and lets her curls loose, cascading in layers from her crown, accessorizing with a golden headpiece, spotted at the 2021 Met Gala benefit \”In America: A Lexicon of Fashion\” at Metropolitan Museum of Art (Photo by Taylor Hill/WireImage)

About this cute curly hairstyle

Here’s a one of our favorite cute curly hairstyles. It’s equal parts elegant, equal parts fun. High puffs are sleek and make for a regal look, but the puff part allows for play and personality.

To do this bouncy style, begin by washing and conditioning your hair. Choose a lightweight moisturizer product and work int into your scalp to preserve your hair’s lightness and puff. An optional step can be to stretch your hair by braiding your hair in parts until it dries. Or comb your hair out if you want to bring on the pouf. 

Next, with a wide-toothed comb, part your hair according to how many puffs you want. Is it one big gorgeous puff at the crown of your head, two cute puffs, or more? Decide and secure your natural curls with elastics.

Use a styling gel or any edge control product to keep your “baby hairs” at bay. Shape your hair into little puffs, which you can do with your fingers or a styling comb. Finally, set the shape with a light setting spray. 

As a modification of this hairstyle, in lieu of puffs or buns, you can keep the curls loose, cascading from your crown. Or scrunch them in neat little “space buns.” 

The right hats for high puffs

This style works best with fascinators. Clip on one side of your head, or a crown that can be worn around or fancy tiaras. A fascinator with flowers or an elongated feather piece will match your puffs, or opt for disc- or pillbox-shaped ones for a chic contrast. 


Tessa Thompson wears a low pony tail with a braided custom women\'s cowboy hat
Tessa Thompson in a braided custom women’s cowboy hat at The 2021 Met Gala. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue )

About this cute curly hairstyle

The most versatile hairstyle on this list is the low ponytail. It can be worn with a variety of hat shapes. And a low pony is a flexible hairstyle that can worn under many different hat shapes.

Start by pre-styling your tight curls with a hair conditioner. Create a side part or a middle part, and gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail. To make room for your hat, keep your ponytail at the base of your neck, or you can position it to one side. Use a silk or satin scrunchie or elastic hair tie without the metal fasteners. You can tease or comb out the curls of your ponytail for more volume. Finish it off with a holding spray to keep your curls in place. 

The right hats to pair with low ponytail

Most classic hat styles will work with this cute hairdo. But we’re drawn to the contrast of a cowboy hat’s tough but modern girl appeal, with the subtle elegance of a low, pixie ponytail. 


About this cute curly hairstyle

Box braids are the cool girl style of all hairstyles. It takes time to do, but it holds its style. It lets you move with an air of lovely nonchalance and effortless cool.

Begin with hair that’s fresh out of the shower. Section them into little “boxes” in as equal parts as possible and secure them with thin hair elastics. You can apply hair wax or any styling product for shinier braids. Plait each parted section. Other variations of this look are: cornrows, side cornrows, boxed box braids, or add beads or hair extensions. 

Best hats to wear with box braids

Leave your box braids with Western-style hats like a cattleman felt women’s cowboy hat.

Dua Lipa’s Love Angel music video, Beyoncé Ivy Park line and J.Lo’s leather cowboy hat are all cowboy (or cow girl!) inspired.

Distressed Leather Cowboy Hat worn by Jennifer Lopez at the met Gala
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 13: Jennifer Lopez attends The 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 13, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue )

These influencers inspired designer Alessandro Michel to introduce the Gucci cowboy hat.

A runway model strutting in a unique-looking cream cowboy hat with a gold band.
A runway model strutting in a unique-looking cream cowboy hat with a gold band at the Gucci Low Parade.


About this cute curly hairstyle

This is the style you want if you’re in the mood to wear a relaxed or blown-out look. Condition with a serum gel product and part your hair into two or four sections. Begin plaiting your hair and secure them with hair ties. Leave it overnight. Let them loose the next morning—and voilà!— unravel natural-looking waves. 

Best hats to wear under loose waves

Best looking with beach hats for women, like an oversized straw hat with an extra-wide floppy brim. Or try a women’s boater hat, or a floppy sun hat. 


Billowed bonnet with dangling tight curly locks complements a dress by designer Vaquera
A model in a billowed bonnet walks the runway wearing Vaquera during MTV & New World New York Present: VMA x New Generation Fashion Show (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images for MTV)

About this cute curly hairstyle

A silk press style is one those cute curly hairstyles that’s great for evenings, dinners, weddings, or other similar occasions. Choose this hairdo when you want to look a little bit more put together. It’s best for winter weather hair, as colder temperatures mean there’s less moisture in the air. A drier climate means that you get to keep your smooth, silky waves much longer—sans frizzy. 

If you prefer to DIY at home, first start with clean hair. Next, since you’ll be subjecting your hair to heat, take your time deep conditioning your hair—don’t skip this step! Apply a heat protectant before blowing out your hair. Put on hair serum and begin flat ironing your hair. 

Best hats to wear with a silk press

Keep it classy with ladylike hats, such as a 1920s style cloche hat, a derby hat, a wool beret, or a turban. Or if the inspiration catches you, go big and put on a huge billowed bonnet. Or a wild, great big fabric hat that’s like an oversized hair cap, as seen on this unique style by designer Vaquera. 

The Hat Stops Here

Hats and curls are a magical combo—especially when you know the cute curly hairstyle and hat combos that looks best on you. It all boils down to knowing a few tried-and-tested hairstyle-and-hat pairing hacks, while leaving room for some fun and imagination. Know the rules for pairing cute curly hairstyles with ladies hats, and break them.

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