Cam Newton Hats Inspire Epic Game

The Cam Newton Hat is a signature of his pre and post game outfits

Pro athletes are the strongest, fastest, and fiercest humans on earth. They’re team players. But they’re also trendsetters. And the distinctive choices Cam Newton makes when we wears men’s hats are no different. We’ve got pictures to prove it!

“One thing I love about my job is I get to see these guys express themselves with their fashion. It’s fun to see when they come to the game, and they’re dressed up,” says Ashly Dickinson, a 27 year old Las Vegas sports reporter and style online curator. 

Carolina Panther’s NFL Quarterback Newton is known for his eclectic, eccentric style and bold hat collection. Whether he’s walking the red carpet, or leaving the stadium, he brings his own brand of style with him. And that usually includes a new Cam Newton hat.

Check him out in this black drill sergeant head piece. It’s a minimalist hat with a bold tiger print hat band, black silk neck scarf and tan smoking jacket. This eclectic topper has round open crown, like a black derby hat hat, and wide brim like a fedora. The South Carolina NFL player is in command, on the field and off. Newton’s latest hat is always bold and daring. Is he Meshika ambassador or CEO of the Cam Newton hat company?

Cam Newton in a Black Drill Sergeant Hat with Tiger Skin Hat Band
Cam Newton in a felt, drill sergeant hat with a leopard hat band. (Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for Saks Fifth Avenue)

A former Patriot and Heisman Trophy winner, he leads in pro football this season with 72 quarterback rushing touchdowns. But he also leads in style off the field with his love for men’s hats. And not just any hats. He tops off his outfits with more unusual men’s felt hats, like campaign covers, lemon squeezers and boater hats

His hats are always new. “I’ve never seen him in the same hat twice,” says Lee Baker. Baker is a member of the Men Who Wear Hats private Facebook group with 81K followers. 

So here’s a peek at some of his one-of-a-kind pre and post game outfits, headgear and all. 

Cam Newton Hat of the Moment

Cam Newton wears hats to parties too, not just to the football games.
Another Cam Newton Hat at Lil Baby\’s All Star weekend Party. (photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

Why does Cam Newton have all the chapeaus and outfits he does?

“I think his hats change depending on the outfit. When you look at these photos, the hat goes with the suit. The hats he picks resemble a color from the suit. Whether it be a print or a piece of jewelry that’s attached to the hat. I don’t believe his wins or losses signify if he will sport a hat or not. He’s a hat guy who chooses them almost all the time,” Dickinson said. 

Cam Newton’s hat styles mirror his personality. Like this mens fedora he wore in a promotional piece matched with a bright pink business suit for coaching calls.

That look makes it seem like Newton is all business. This white Mountie hat he matched with a denim jacket and a flannel shirt underneath speaks more to his casual side. But even his casual outfits are stunning. This is a man who shows up to work dressed and prepared for the job. He takes style and work seriously.

Newton is someone who dresses to the nines both in his pregame outfits and postgame outfits. He’s known for vibrant colored suits whe he speaks to the press after a win. He might be pictured walking into the locker room in formal attire, and it’s not unusual to see him sporting a fedora. Check him out commanding attention in this black one he wore with a white tux.

Hats off to a man who knows how to make an entrance. 

Cam Newton on the Red Carpet

Cam Newton in a black top hat with hat feather
Cam Newton looks like class in this stovepipe top hat at the Met Gala, a very different style than the Slash top hat, which has curved walls and bows outward. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for

Another place you’ll see him in a one-of-a-kind hat other than NFL press conferences is on the red carpet. 

He might be seen in a Nick Fouquet or a Meshika hat. Whatever his choice is, it’s likely to be different and classy. Here’s an example of just that. Below is a picture of Newton in a custom open crown cowboy hat hat accessorized with pearl beads draped over the brim.

Cam Newton in an open crown cowboy hat, aka Montana Peak, with pearl hat band
Nothing says class quite like this open crown cowboy hat (aka Montana Perak) with pearls at the Met Gala. (Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage).

The Hat Stops Here

It’s not unusual to see the Panthers quarterback sporting some sort of unique and stylish topper. Like this wide-brim boater hat on the cover of Cigar Aficionado. Another example is this suede, wide-brim billy jack hat. One might guess that his hat, like his skills, speaks to what sets this man apart from the rest.

Newton’s different hat styles on and off the field are fearless. He boldly goes where many others won’t go and is not afraid to express himself and his individuality using his unique style. While sometimes reporters and others might question his style choices, in the end he does what he wants and rightfully so. Few can pull off the looks that this athlete can.

Cam Newton in a wide-brim, suede billy jack hat.
Newton in a wide-brim, suede billy jack hat. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images).

“He has his own style. It’s like Bootsy Collins or Sly Stone, different but unique,” said Charles Mitchell. Mitchell is also a member of the private Facebook group for hat enthusiasts. 

The Atlanta native scores points for his fashion-forward and trendy style choices. The Cam Newton hat speaks to who he is as a person. Sports and fashion will never be the same.

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