5 Best Trucker Hats: Casually Cool

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Hats are a blend of form and function. These simple accessories ensure you can shield your eyes from the sun but still look stylish. Enter the trucker hat.

The name of this accessory means what you think it means: truckers working all day long! These hats do the dual function of shielding your eyes from the sun and tying your look together. With a medley of different colors and prints, there are many ways to shake up trucker hats. We’ll give you some places to start.

Below are the 5 best trucker hats to keep you casually cool all year round!

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What Should You Look For When Getting a Trucker Hat?

Before we dive into the 5 best trucker hats, let’s go over the basics of what makes a good purchase. You need to find a hat that fits your head snugly, gives you extra comfort, and has a design that speaks to you.

Mesh Backing

Many trucker hats come with mesh backing to air out your scalp and keep you from overheating. If you don’t go out much, a mesh backing might not be necessary.

If you’re very active or wear your hats to work, a mesh backing is a must-have cooling feature.

Adjustable Backing

You’ll love flexible backing features if you have a head that doesn’t like cooperating with standard hat sizes. These simple additions let you shrink or expand the back of your hat with just a few clicks of the strap.

Adjustable Bill

Do you like to flip the bill up once in a while? Adjustable bills let you control how much light gets in your eyes, primarily if you frequently work outside.


Another cooling feature is the sweatband built inside the hat. This absorbent material slurps excess sweat to avoid damaging the material and keeping droplets out of your eyes.

Organic Materials

Do you prefer to buy organic materials to avoid any gross ingredients touching your skin? Look for hats made with organic cotton: not only is it breathable, it’s safe!

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Camo Snapback Trucker Hat

Who says you can’t have it all? This Camo Snapback Trucker Hat from American Hat Makers gives you the earthy pop of camo with the iconic imagery of the American flag all in one well-designed package.

It’s important to stress the need for quality materials when choosing a hat. The last thing you want is a flimsy accessory that slides off your head or leaves you feeling sweaty. This hat comes with a mesh backing and sweatband to keep you cool during the hot days. If the sun dips behind the clouds, flip your hat back for another stylish look that suggests cowboy lite.

Howler Brothers Lazy Gators Trucker

If you’re an artistic type and want to really spread your creative wings, you can’t go wrong with the Howler Brothers Lazy Gators Trucker. This trucker hat just screams ‘practices acoustic guitar on lazy Sundays’.

With a stylishly illustrated blue-mouthed gator surrounded by fauna, this hat evokes feelings of nature, adventure, and just plain cool. The yellow trimming gives an old-fashioned look that’ll no doubt be popular with fans of vintage records and thrift shops. If you’re worried about function, rest easy with the adjustable bill and mesh backing.

Trucker Hat From Wave Culture Coffee

Do you drink more coffee than water? This trucker hat from Wave Culture Coffee will blend your love of espresso with your love for fashion.

This hat goes straight for nostalgic beach imagery, characterized by a surfing woman juxtaposed against the summer sun. You can choose between dark blue, pale gray, and patchwork varieties to add your own flavor. Additionally, the mesh backing ensures you can wear this hat on the beach or at home!

Organic Cotton Trucker Hat From Madewell

Here’s another question! Do you crave the simple things in life? Reflect your personal philosophy with this minimalist trucker hat from Madewell.

With a rusty orange color scheme and a straightforward design of silhouetted birds against the sun, this hat will speak to those with grounded tastes. The adjustable mesh backing ensures your head stays cool and your hat fits exactly as it should. If you’re worried about pesticides or herbicides in your cotton, this hat is 100% organic.

Icecream Laugh Trucker Hat From Saks Fifth Avenue

If your sense of style leans toward bold colors and street fashion, you’ll adore this poppy showcase from Saks Fifth Avenue. 

This trucker hat is embroidered with a cartoony character against a purple and white backdrop, shaking up the myth that all trucker hats have to be brown or green! The phrase below is Japanese katakana for ice cream, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally offending any native speakers. With a mesh backing for extra comfort, this hat is a real fashion winner.

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a man wearing a red trucker hat with the phrase love kills flipped back

Why You Should Add More Trucker Hats to Your Wardrobe

Trucker hats are the epitome of form and function. You get to beat the heat, keep the sun out of your eyes, and look good all in one go.

The more trucker hats you add, the more variety you can add to your wardrobe. Trucker hats look amazing whether you pair them with a sweatshirt, t-shirt, or your favorite clubbing jacket. Remember to double-check the materials of your trucker hat before washing, since dyes can rub off on other clothes.