5 Best Summer Hats for Women: Must-Have Beach Gear

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Hats are more than just accessories; they are a statement. The perfect hat can set off an ensemble like nothing else, but hats can also be cooling and protective. Summer might be winding down, but that won’t stop people from flocking to the beach. If anything, countless people winter in mild coastal climates! And no matter the season, UV rays don’t take a break. A good hat is a must if you’re looking to have some fun in the sun.

Protective Nature

Sunscreen(SPF) is a great tool to protect skin from UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays. The problem is that many people forget to put sunscreen on their ears, neck, and scalp. If they do, sunscreen can run off from water exposure or sweating. A simple and effective solution is a hat.

Like other clothing designed to warm off harmful rays, hats are rated by their Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). Like SPF, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends clothing that is at least UPF 30. The higher the protection factor, the better, as hats are a surefire way to protect the scalp, face, neck, and ears.

UPF clothing begins to work immediately. Its ratings are determined by how tightly the fabric is woven together, meaning it is more difficult for the sun’s rays to penetrate. The levels of sun protection range from UPF 15 to 50+. Clothing with ratings up to 25 blocks up to 95% of UV radiation, ratings up to 40 blocks up to 97%, and a UPF of 40+ can block up to 98% of UVA and UVB rays.

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Coast to Coachella

OK, ladies, whether you are heading to the coast or an outdoor festival like Coachella, taking care of your skin is critical. The good news is that we have several options that look as great as they guard against harmful UV rays. Keep reading to find out which of these five hot hats is your best fit.

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The Corsica

From the iconic American Hat Makers, the Corsica looks as great with a swimsuit as it does with a little black dress at the oceanfront VIP lounge. The natural-colored straw hat features an unfinished, distressed edge for a weathered effect. A wide black ribbon forms an elegant twist in the back, accented with a deep V on the ends. The 3.5” wide brim delivers excellent sun protection, while the 3.5” provides a chic silhouette. The Corsica runs large and is available in sizes small to extra-large. It is $77.00 and backed by American Hat Maker’s lifetime warranty.

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The Tilley T5

For a walk on the wild side, check out the Tilley Endurable Canvas Hat. Appropriately named, this cotton hat is mildew and water-resistant. It has a medium brim with a hidden pocket that is just large enough to fit cash and an ID into. The hat is machine washable and packs easily, flat, or folded. It is available in khaki (a very light beige), olive, or kohl (a light gray). The Tilley boasts an oval crown for a flattering silhouette and a high UPF rating. Prices begin at around $62, depending on where you purchase the hat.

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The Pamela

Another option from American Hat Makers, the Pamela is casual elegance that begs to be paired up with a chic sundress. This beautiful white Panama hand is hand-made in Ecuador and backed by the seller’s lifetime warranty. It is accented with a black ribbon around the rounded 3.5” crown, while a wide 3” brim delivers excellent sun protection. The featherlight hat runs true to size and is available in small to extra-large. At $137, it is on the pricier side, but this is an authentic Panama hat carefully crafted in its country of origin.

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San Diego Crochet Sun Hat

If romantic boho looks are the goal, this handmade number from the San Diego Hat Company delivers. Made of 100% crotchet cotton in a feminine pattern, the floppy form offers excellent sun protection with a 4” brim rated at UPF 50+. Available colors are tan (a light khaki) and natural (a very light beige), or you can opt for both, as this entry comes in at just over $25. A word of advice, the crotchet hat only comes in one size.

The Cabana

For the last style on our list, we come back to American Hat Makers. The Cabana is a versatile choice for nearly any sun-soaked adventure. Thanks to its mesh construction, it is light, functional, and effortless to care for. A fedora-style silhouette boasts a 2 ¾” brim and 3 ¾” crown that blocks 80% of harmful UV rays. No matter how you pack it, this hat is crush-proof! The Cabana is available in four colors (ivory, walnut, black, and steel), and its true-to-size fit has options ranging from small to 3x. Priced at $87, this top seller offers many years of wear with its durability and timeless looks.

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A Sun Hat is a Must

Whether it is to keep rays out of the eye or hide a bad hair day, sun hats are a must to protect one’s skin from damaging ultraviolet rays. Sunscreen is essential, but it can wear off, and countless people either misapply it or do not select the recommended SPF. This is where a sun hat fits in perfectly. Not only can they look great, but they also serve an essential purpose.

Protecting the skin against UV rays isn’t about looks; it’s about health and prevention. Not only can sunburns be painful, but they can also lead to other medical issues. And even if a person does not get sunburned, sun exposure without adequate SPF protection can increase the chances of skin cancer. While some types of melanomas are relatively mild and can be treated, others can lead to much more serious consequences.

The point is, that these medical issues can be prevented. Wear sunscreen, wear a UPF-rated hat, and enjoy your time in the great outdoors without unnecessary worry. Looking great while doing so is just an added bonus!