5 Best Hats for Big Heads: Be Comfortable & Fashionable

Elderly man wearing a top hat.

Believe us; we know the struggle. Wanting to accessorize with a fun hat only to resort to the baseball cap due to your larger-than-average head is not a fun feeling. You’re not alone. 

Hats off to you if this is something you do go through, but there is no need to worry any further. All heads are beautiful, and just like any other clothing item, there is no such thing as a one-size fits all hat. So, keep reading for a list of 5 everyday hats that are perfect for anyone with a bigger noggin!

1. The Sun Hat

Sun hats bear many vital benefits. One of the most significant pros it offers is the UV protection from its floppy brim –– which is to your advantage if you’ve got a head with a bit more square footage. If you’re looking for a more breathable model, American Hatmaker’s Cabana Wide Brim Sun Hat comes in 6 different sizes, allowing you to stay comfortable in more ways than one. Many sun hats are also made with sweat-wicking materials, helping you keep cool in the summer heat. These hats are also a popular festival accessory, as it shields your head from the harsh sun rays all day.

If you’ve got a beach day or hiking trip on the horizon, the sun hat is definitely a must-have!

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Brown cowboy hat resting on a pair of brown cowboy boots under the spotlight.

2. The Cowboy Hat

Who says style and comfort can’t go hand in hand? As a staple of wild western fashion, cowboy hats come in various materials: leather, canvas, felt, and canvas, just to name a few. Each type of hat has its own advantages, so it is up to you to choose the one that proves most fashionable and functional! And better yet, this hat is unique: there are as many styles as there are sizes. You can dress this hat up with a pair of leather boots or a denim jacket for a real cowboy vibe.

So, if you have plans to go to a rodeo or just want to go for the Clint Eastwood Hollywood look, a big head won’t be able to stop you now! Saddle up with the cowboy hat!

3. The Top Hat

Are you seeking a classier look? Perhaps one reminiscent of older times? Then, look no further than the top hat. As an emblem of traditional formal wear, the timeless influence of top hats has carried them for centuries into the present day. Also known for their cylindrical look, they can also be made wider, perfect for anyone looking for a larger size. Top hats are also a good option for those with big heads as their sleek build takes away from the forehead’s width and appearance. 

Additionally, there are many models of the top hat to choose from, ranging from the historical look to a more modern take. Great for themed parties or a more sophisticated suit-and-tie outfit, top hats are definitely something to look into!

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Black and white photo of a man wearing a fedora with his back turned. 

4. The Fedora

The fedora is another hat that remains iconic against the test of time. These hats are multi-purpose. With its roots in French theatre and fashion, the hat has been reappropriated into many styles suited for any occasion–– from a western appeal to a symbol of civil rights activism. Furthermore, recognized by its indented crown and short brim, the popularity of these hats has made it so that there is one of every type, color, and size.

If you have a bigger head, you may want to opt for the fedora as they are comfortable and stylish as they are accessible. 

5. The Fisherman’s Cap

Try the Fisherman’s cap if you are looking for a more exciting model of the regular baseball cap. Also known as the Mariner’s Cap, these Western European hats possess a small visor and soft crown usually made from felt. Given the material, the hat is typically able to mold to your head shape. Moreover, you can amp up the accessor by choosing a corduroy or denim version. In most cases, you can also adjust the Fisherman’s cap to fit your head size. These hats are versatile as well, as their muted colors are able to pair with any outfit

If you are feeling a more nautical appeal, then the Fisherman’s Cap will help you achieve that without a doubt!

Start Accessorizing!

If you shy away from wearing hats due to your head size, we want to tell you that you don’t have to hide anymore. There are solutions, and here are some just off the top of our heads! We hope this guide was able to introduce some of the options you have when seeking the perfect headwear. 

Whether you’re attending a costume party or just want to elevate your everyday outfits, here are 5 hats made for anyone struggling to wear them! We wish you luck in your hat-hunting!