5 Best Fedora Hats: Old School Cool for 2023

gentleman wearing suit fedora combo

Numerous fashionable celebrities, like Bruno Mars, Johnny Depp, and Harry Styles (former member of One Direction), have preserved the fedora as a timeless hat design.

Without a doubt, you’ll need a high-quality fedora that complements your looks and attire and can last for a long time if you wish to pull off the style. 

However, there are many different brands to pick from if you’re looking for a fedora hat.

But don’t you worry! 

This guide examines the best choices to assist you in making a decision. 

There is something for everyone, whether you’ve worn a fedora before or not.

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Different fedora hats next to each other

How Do You Find A Good Fedora Hat Brand?

Great fedora hat companies prioritize fine craftsmanship above anything else. If you want to optimize the fedora’s fashionable look, this is crucial.

Sadly, due to the fedora’s revival and increasing popularity, some of these so-called fedoras are mass-produced from poor quality materials and lose their characteristic shape very fast.

If you love fedoras as much as we do, it’s better to spend a little extra since they are worth it. However, if you are in a tight, you can still purchase a fedora for casual use at a fair price.

Although some people say fedoras are out of date, you’ll quickly come to disagree after getting to know this soft-brimmed hat with its recognizable dents and pinches on the top.

American Hat Makers specialize in all types of hats. They have hats for all styles and occasions, including cowboys, hats for summer, and hats with a wide brim. Whatever your style is, they have it!

But coming back to our fedora’s hat, did you know they have been around for more than a century? 

Yes! But today, the most recent fashions have a more contemporary vibe and go well with both fancy or Western-inspired clothes as well as casual and warm-weather attire.

Contemporary fedoras still use the snap brim construction, which means the brim is typically flipped up in the rear but down in the front.

But now that you have a basic understanding of how fedoras function, let’s jump right into the top fedora hat brands.

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#1 American Hat Makers – SOHO Fedora Leather Hat

Need a leather fedora that fits perfectly with any outfit and can go anywhere while maintaining its shape?

Our Soho Leather Packable Trilby perfectly embodies this set of characteristics everyone is looking for. The natural leather fedora hat is excellent for all occasions.

Our hats are durable, portable, fashionable, and goes well with almost anything.

Other brands cut corners on quality to increase their margins; we don’t.

Our hats are also extremely resistant to water, held to the strictest quality standards, and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

#2 American Hat Makers – MADISON FELT FEDORA HAT

The Madison Felt Fedora Hat is a fashionable accessory that will enhance any look. This hat has a brim of 3″ and a 3 3/4″ crown and is skilfully made of solid felt.

The hat also has a white triple-strand band that adds flair to any ensemble.

You will be comfy all day long because of the lightweight design, and the white hue will go with any outfit. 

The Madison Felt Fedora Hat is the ideal option if you’re dressing up for a special event or just want to add some class to your regular outfit.

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#3 Stetson Fedora Felt Hat

The Stetson fedora felt hats have a timeless yet fashionable style with a few distinguishing features.

Since Stetson has been in the hat-making business for more than a century, it is safe to say that they are knowledgeable in the field.

The company’s name is typically associated with designs for old-west cowboy hats, but it also has some excellent options for fans of fedoras.

On their website, you may also shop online and find items like their Whippet fedora.

Overall, if you’re seeking great men’s fedoras, Stetson is definitely one of your best bets.

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#4 Borsalino Hats – Folar Large Brim

It is hardly impossible to discuss top fedora producers without mentioning Borsalino.

Since 1857, the Italian company has been known for its high-end hats.

Giuseppe Borsalino, the company’s creator, made a well-known felt fedora that was named after him, but it now sells a variety of fedora designs.

One beautiful Panama hat style you can find in their stores has the classic straw color, paired with a brown hatband ribbon and satin interior for maximum comfort when outdoors in summer. 

You can explore more Borsalino fedoras here.

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Person wearing a black fedora hat

#5 Fouquet Fedora Hat Brand – Hat 230

Nick Fouquet founded this beautiful Fedora hat company, which is well known for its edgy and distinctive designs.

A Nick Fouquet fedora is the perfect choice for you if you believe that the traditional fedora design lacks some oomph.

The design is composed of beaver fur felt that was responsibly sourced and has a vibrant classic flair.

The matchstick decoration, which was popularized in the old west and lends the fedora its distinctive appearance, offers hats a tough yet opulent appearance.

On some of his creations, Fouquet has collaborated with Borsalino, the renowned fedora manufacturer we previously mentioned. 

The great thing also is that you can order a personalized fedora felt hat or buy one that is ready to wear on their website.