5 Best Cowboy Hats: Best in the West 2023

Man wearing a cowboy hat while playing guitar

In the wild world of western wear, there are some vital pieces that complete one’s western outfit. One of these essential pieces is the cowboy hat. So complete your western attire with one of these popular and fun cowboy hats

We’ve searched and found the top five hats you could choose from. You won’t struggle to find the perfect hat with these five options. Instead, we’ll take you through the five best cowboy hats of 2023 and how you can style those so you look your best no matter when you’re wearing your hat. 

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How to Style Cowboy Hats

There is more to styling a cowboy hat than throwing on your favorite pair of Wranglers and boots. Some types of hats are more appropriate depending on the season and event. We’ll help you look your best with your cowboy hat no matter the occasion. 

Style Tips

These tips are an excellent foundation for those newer to wearing cowboy hats or who want to level up their current styling. 

Make sure you’ve got the basics down: Make sure you’re not wearing the hat backward. If you aren’t sure which way your cowboy hat should be facing, look at the inside of the hat. There is a small bow on the inner lining; you want this bow to be at the back of your head. 

Know the angles: Cowboy hats have their language. Tipping the brim down over your eyes shows a sign of seriousness. While keeping the brim straight shows a confident, straightforward attitude. Tilt your hat slightly to the side if you want to display playfulness or mischief. 

Are you trying to find the best cowboy hat for your style? The Hatwalk can help with various options and style guides for cowboy hats! 

Choosing the Right Hat for the Event

Depending on the weather, the function, and the outfit, you’ll want a specific cowboy hat style. We’ll walk you through which crowns or creases are more appropriate for various situations. But remember, these are just guidelines; feel free to wear your hat however you want!

High crowns: This hat style often traps air in the high crown, keeping you warm. This hat is better for cooler or cold temperatures. 

Larger crowns: This hat is perfect for windy days or if you’ll be moving around a lot. The large crown allows you to pull the hat down farther to avoid having your hat blow off. 

Low crowns: This hat is perfect for warmer temperatures as it doesn’t trap any air. 

Wide brims: Wide brim hats are ideal for working cowboys as they keep you out of the wind and rain. 

Woman wearing a cowboy hat and standing outside 

Cowboy Hat Etiquette 

An essential aspect of wearing a cowboy hat is knowing the etiquette of wearing one. Understanding when it’s appropriate to wear a cowboy hat shows respect for your surroundings and those around you. These rules of etiquette are referred to as the cowboy code. 

Here are the different events where you should remove your hat to show respect:

  • In a private home
  • At an indoor wedding
  • During an introduction
  • At a table (if you’re sitting at a counter, you can leave the hat on)
  • In church
  • When a casket passes by
  • In the presence of the flag

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5 Best Cowboy Hats for 2023

Now that we’ve got the style tips and proper etiquette out of the way, let’s dive into the coolest cowboy hats of 2023. These hats are excellent choices for anyone, and we’ve also included an option for women’s hats. 

Cyclone Leather Cowboy Hat by American Hat Makers

This handcrafted cowboy hat comes in five colors that will go with any outfit. The quality of this hat is beautiful as American Hat Makers create their cowboy hats using the best material available. This cowboy hat is made in the U.S.A. and is built using top-quality cowhide. This is an optimal choice not only for working cowboys but for special occasions as well. 

American Hat Makers’ cowboy hats are an excellent choice for anyone as they come with a lifetime warranty, so if your hat shrinks or you have other sizing issues, they’re there to help. 

Jackson Felt Women’s Cowboy Hat by American Hat Makers

This beautifully crafted hat includes a Gus crown with a firm brim that compliments anyone wearing it. The Jackson Felt cowboy hat is an excellent choice for our cowgirls looking for a quality hat. 

This hat is built to last! It can withstand sweat and rain that would typically damage other cowboy hats. It is incredibly resistant to water. The Jackson Felt cowboy hat comes at a very affordable price for how high-quality the material is. 

Not sure which cowboy hat will suit your style best? Let The Hatwalk help you find the right one! 

Man wearing a cowboy hat, watching a horse 

Wool Cowboy Hat by Ariat 

Ariat is a famous brand for western apparel. However, they are incredibly well-known for their cowboy hats. Ariat’s wool cowboy hat is an excellent option for any cowboy around. It offers minimal bling to keep the hat looking stylish. There is only a subtle three-piece silver buckle on the hatband. This hat also includes a leather sweatband to keep you cool. 

Teton Crushable Cowboy Hat by Overland

Overland has created that hat of hats with the Teton Crushable cowboy hat. It’s made with lightweight and breathable wool. This hat bounces back and holds its shape. It includes a leather sweatband, so you won’t need to worry about your hat getting swampy inside. The crown is almost 5 inches high, while the brim is three inches wide. 

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Western Express Classic Cattleman Straw Cowboy Hat 

The Classic Cattleman cowboy hat looks exceptionally sleek. The black straw holds a deep vibrant color that matches almost any outfit. This hat is lightweight and optimal for those looking to stay cool. You won’t overheat while wearing this cowboy hat. 

This hat is decorated with various medallions around the hatband to give it that spark of western flair. This hat is available on Amazon at a great price.