5 Best Cowboy Hat Brands: What You Should Know Before You Buy

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Choosing the right cowboy hat can be difficult with so many options available. Some hats can complement specific face shapes more than others. But you may be searching for a particular style of hat. We’ll help you narrow down your options and choose the best hat.

Cowboy hats are vital to anyone’s western attire and can take your outfit up a notch. They also have essential uses when used by working individuals. You’ll want to choose a quality hat that is still appropriate for you and your lifestyle. 

But we’ll eliminate the hassle of choosing the perfect hat and streamline the process for you! We’ll take you through essential aspects to consider when buying and the five best cowboy hat brands you should check out.

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What to Know Before Buying a Cowboy Hat

There are some essential aspects to consider when choosing a hat. First, you’ll want to know which style suits your face shape more and which styles of cowboy hats you can choose. Let’s look at what you need to know. 

Choosing a Hat that Suits Your Face Shape 

Often when we choose our outfit, we base our choice of clothing around how our bodies are shaped. This comes into play when selecting a suitable hat too. Certain styles of hats suit specific face shapes more than others. 

Heart-shaped face: People with heart-shaped faces will find that cowboy hats with a pinch crease, and a flat brim looks the best with their face shape.

Long-shaped face: Hats with a medium-sized crown, wide or curved brim, and a cattleman crease are an excellent choice for those with longer-shaped faces. 

Oval or round face: If you have an oval or round-shaped face, you’ll want to choose a hat with a medium to a tall crown height that has a curved brim. 

Square-shaped face: Square-shaped faces look great in wide-brimmed hats with an open crease. 

But remember, these are just guidelines! You can choose any hat you like, but if you want one to compliment your face, these are some excellent options. 

Are you stuck figuring out where to begin when buying a new cowboy hat? Check out The Hatwalk for style guides and hat options to help you find the best one!

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Different Types of Cowboy Hats

The different styles of cowboy hats have significantly changed over time. A significant determining factor in the different styles of cowboy hats is their crease. Some hats have similar crown heights with creases that vary greatly. Let’s look at the different cowboy hat styles below.

Pinch front: This hat has a diamond-shaped crease that looks similar to a fedora’s. 

Gambler: This hat has a flat crown top, and you’ll see a circular indent on the top. 

Open crown: You’ll see a more rounded look from this hat style. This style also has no crease on the crown.

Gus: This style of hat has a tall brim. It has three creases on the front that cause a steep slope. 

Cattleman crease: This hat has two indents on either side and a single crease down the center. 

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5 Best Cowboy Hat Brands

Now that you know more about choosing the right hat, let’s look at the best cowboy hat brands available. Of course, you won’t go wrong selecting a cowboy hat from one of these brands.

American Hat Makers

American Hat Makers provides quality hats that are perfect for any occasion. Not only are their hats an excellent choice for a western-styled outfit, but they are versatile and can be utilized to make almost any outfit stand out. Their hats are perfect for any occasion.

They have high-quality, stylish hats that come at great prices too! Unlike many other brands, American Hat Makes offers a wide selection of versatile hats for men and women. But you won’t struggle to find the perfect hat; their site is easy to use, and each style of hat comes in various colors.

JW Brooks 

JW Brooks makes custom-fit hats that are suitable for any lifestyle. Because their hats are custom-made, you won’t need to worry about your cowboy hat fitting right. 

They use the highest quality furs for their felt hats. And you can choose from multiple different colors with each style. These hats are made to last as JW Brooks only uses the highest quality material to make their hats. 


This well-known brand provides both high-end cowboy hats and very stylish western wear. So once you choose a great hat, you can get some other pieces to go along with it. They’ve been making hats for over 150 years! Stetson has become a pillar in the cowboy hat community. 

You can’t go wrong buying a cowboy hat from a tried and true brand like Stetson. Their hats range in price, from more affordable to those that are the more expensive. So no matter your budget range, you’ll find something for you. 

Not sure which hat will suit your style? Let The Hatwalk help you choose the best cowboy hat options and style guides!

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Since Ariat’s beginning in 1993, they’ve been creating top-quality cowboy hats. While they are widely known for western footwear, they also offer a line of cowboy hats and other western apparel. Their products are created using high-quality material and have great functionality for any lifestyle.

Their hats are great for everyday wear, and they also have an excellent selection of straw hats to choose from. Ariat is a top choice for many different competitive western riders. 

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This popular brand has been making cowboy hats since 1927. They offer a vast selection of felt hats and straw hats. You won’t struggle to find a well-made hat that will last with this brand. Resistol not only caters to cowboys but to celebrities as well! Stars like Jason Aldean and George Strait have often been seen sporting Resistol’s cowboy hats. 

They design hats to suit multiple types of lifestyles and outfits. From working cowboys to fashionable street outfits, You’ll find a cowboy hat you love with Resistol.